Research Progress
Researchers propose novel image ...
  The research team overcame a series of issues such as obtaining reliable motion blur kennels on small image patches, ...
China's first solar sail verifie...
  The solar sail is a spacecraft powered by the reflected light pressure of the sun on the membrane. It does not consum...
Solar sail in earth orbit is big breakthrough for China 2019-12-31
烟花巷直播app The solar sail developed by the institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences based in Northeast China's Liaoning province is a spacecraft powered by the reflected light pressure of the sun on the s...
Chinese vessel starts research expedition in east In... 2019-11-28
好嗨哟直播 The voyage is part of the project Joint Advanced Marine and Ecological Studies in the Indian Ocean implemented by the Second Institute of Oceanography under the MNR. It will focus on the changes in...
SIASUN Attends METALEX 2019 in Thailand for More Opp... 2019-11-21
swag台湾 During the Machine Tools & Metalworking Exhibition (METALEX 2019) held in Bangkok, Thailand, from Nov.20 to 23,SIASUN Robot & Automation Co Ltd (SIASUN), affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Scie...
China tests new undersea vehicle for marine environm... 2019-11-06
依恋直播 China has tested a new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for monitoring the marine environment in the South China Sea, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Int`l Cooperation News
SIA Overseas Prominent Scholar Won 2019 Shenyang Ros... 2019-12-06
Professor Imad H. Elhajj from American University of... 2019-09-09
International Joint Research Center for Industrial I... 2018-03-15
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